It's like 4e, but it's not...

June 17th, 2013

I'm a huge fan of D&D 4th edition. I especially like the character design rules and power structure, along with the thorough embrace of square-based combat. I've always thought it would be great as a video game, or at least an automated virtual tabletop, something like the D&D Insider tools and Roll 20 merged into one. But that wasn't to be.

Instead, Cryptic, the team behind Champions Online and Star Trek Online, bring us D&D Neverwinter, a 4e inspired F2P MMORPG. It features real-time third-person combat, not entirely dissimilar from Tera, with active targeting and dodging and stuff like that.

I was initially rather reluctant to try the game out, because I had horrible experiences with other Perfect World games. Perfect World, a Chinese company, employs very aggressive and oppressive monetization in its games, propagating all the worst of the Asian "pay to win" stigma.

Maybe "pay to win" isn't the right term. Maybe "pay to make tolerable" is more fitting. Not unlike the cruel disfiguration that befell Star Wars Online at the hands of its vicious F2P overlords, PWE games never stop reminding you how inferior you are for not having spend hundreds of dollars to silence them. But I was a D&D fan, and a fan of Cryptic's earlier work, so I had to at least try out Neverwinter.

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Posted by: Soulrift

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