Second Impressions

May 22nd, 2012

Back in March I tried out the TERA beta and had mixed feelings. I still have mixed feelings. It's the kind of game I really want to enjoy, but it's just not quite tuned right.

I tried a few more classes since beta: lancer felt very sluggish. Sorcerer and Priest felt very plain: just shoot. Archer felt a wee bit more dynamic - you can move a little bit between shots - but all the skills seem identical. I ended up back on Warrior because, at the very least, you can move around a bit and try to hit enemies from behind.

Of course, that's only if you want to. You by no means have to actually use any of your skills or make an effort to employ tactics unless you feel like doing so. Even up at level 24 I can just mindlessly hack enemies to death with auto attacks and not see my health bar flinch. I know game developers are afraid that their MMO will be too hard and people will quit, but really, there's a limit here, and it's been crossed.

There is one big difference between my first and second impression of TERA though: this time I got high enough to do a dungeon. Dungeons are pretty cool. Dungeon boss fights are pretty fun. The fact that only lancers can tank is pretty discouraging. But, I'll definitely say this: dungeons are way more fun than grinding quests.

I don't like that it took me 20 levels just to get to the "fun" part of TERA. I don't like that I can't actually abandon questing and just do dungeons from here on out either. I mean, I could, but it would take even longer and even dungeons would get boring the hundredth time through on your way between 20 and 25 or whatever.

Plus, I still haven't experienced any of the political stuff. It's supposed to be cool. Cool stuff should be thrust right at the players from the start: give me all the cool when I click go, don't make me slug through bad stuff to get to good stuff.

But much of what I thought from my first impression still holds: classes are bland and lack customization, quest grinding is boring, action combat is kinda fun. I'll update a third impression when I get to level 40... lets hope I make it there!

Posted by: Soulrift

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