Podcast Episode 2: Craig Morrison and Age of Conan

October 14th, 2011

All right! Looks like the podcast might become a monthly thing. And it's all thanks to my second guest: Craig Morrison of Funcom, who stopped by to talk about Age of Conan Unchained. We discuss his work at Funcom, including Anarchy Online and Age of Conan, his experience leading the game through to its current Free to Play incarnation, talk about Extra Life, and peek into the future of Age of Conan and Funcom's upcoming The Secret World! Still no luck on beta access, but I'll keep you posted if we get any keys to hand out :)

Stream this week's episode:

You can also download the whole episode in MP3 format.

If you haven't tried Age of Conan yet, check out the Official Site to sign up and play. It's free, after all! They seem to have a refer-a-friend program, but it looks like I have to input someone's email directly rather than post a link on my website, so I somehow doubt I'll be making any referrals this time :(

Posted by: Soulrift

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